Things can feel pretty hectic with everything we have going on what seems like every day of the week. I understand trying to get out the door looking put together and like you did it with little effort!

I'm Theresa Yee, the owner of River and Birch, where I design and make each and every piece with those hurried moments in mind. I understand rushing out the door to get the day started. It's great when you know that you own the perfect piece of jewelry to complete your outfit and get out the door looking fantastic!

I have been crafting things with my hands for as long as I remember, and when I fell in love with gemstones, I knew I had found my true love—jewelry. In 2008, I launched my first online shop and I haven't stopped creating since.

About Theresa YeeMy design style is mostly minimalist, keeping clean lines and really showing off the gems I choose individually. I lean towards asymmetry, while keeping things balanced. With all recycled metals, more and more responsibly sourced stones and eco-conscious minimal packaging, I always have my impact on our planet in mind. The result is easy-going jewelry, comfortable for everyday wear, that will last for years to come.