Memories That Last

handwriting samples

The holidays are behind us, but fresh in our minds. A new year marks a new start with lots of promise for all of the year's adventures to come.

Like many people this time of year, I am trying to get a handle on the house because the holidays always blow through here like a tornado. Between orders to make and fill, and actually spending time with my family, it doesn't leave much time for anything but quick tidying up here and there. I use the phrase loosely! 

Going through a stack of mail recently, was like uncovering lost treasures. I was again looking through the cards we had received for Christmas, ogling all the handwriting from a few of our older relatives. In a world of photo collage cards with stock type treatments—which are super cute and always appreciated, don't get me wrong—I sat there thinking about how the type of card my mom signs and sends is in an ever-shrinking category.

Love and sentiment on a piece of jewelry that can be enjoyed everyday.

You probably have a note or greeting card stashed away somewhere. And maybe you pull it out or stumble upon it every now and then when you're looking for something else. Why not put that love and sentiment on a piece of jewelry that can be enjoyed everyday? 

Handwriting Necklace

With a photo of the handwriting, I can create something unique and really special for you or as a gift for a loved one. A handwriting necklace makes the perfect sentimental gift and can be writing from days gone by, or something that you want to put into words right now.




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