Earth Day and Every Day

Happy Earth Day

As I sit near my studio window on a bright, sunny and lovely spring day, I can't help think, "Wow! What a perfect day for Earth Day!" It's warmer than recent days (topping out at 68ºF). The birds are chirping, squirrels are doing their squirrel things. My hostas are flourishing already and lots of other plants are coming out for a stretch after what seemed like a forever-long winter. Other than that, it's pretty quiet outside.

This year is a bit different than Earth Days of the past. People in Ohio are still under stay-at-home orders (or, as our governor likes to call it, SAFE-at-home) due to COVID-19. We don't currently have the freedom to dine out at restaurants or wander aimlessly through Target spending our minimum $100 (we all know who we are here and I am not judging!). We really have to think when we leave the house right now; grab a mask, hand sanitizer and combine trips!

Happy Earth Day, today and every day!

Maybe that's not all bad though. Combining trips is certainly benefiting everyone even if they don't realize it. People are cooking more and eating more meals at home, which I can only imagine means not wasting as much food (I know we have been eating more leftovers in our house!). I have seen lots of friends on Facebook with a new found interest in growing their own vegetables.

Then there is the big break the planet has gotten with more of us not out driving around daily. Pollution has decreased. There is less noise pollution with fewer vehicles out there. Wildlife is enjoying not having us around in their space so much. That must bring a sigh of relief and be so relaxing for them!

I hope that some of our new habits will continue even after the orders are lifted throughout the country and world. Happy Earth Day, today and every day!

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