Desiccant? Oh, no, no...desic-can!

desiccant packets for tarnish control

Don't you just love when unpack a brand new piece of silver jewelry? It's so bright and shiny and new...Ahhh. And then some months go by or years and you notice the piece may be dulling a little and it's not quite so shiny anymore. 

Well, fear not! I have a few simple ways to help you maintain your shine without a ton of elbow grease and struggle. Here is how I care for my own personal jewelry and my sterling (.925) and fine (FS .999) silver supply inventory:

  1. Remove jewelry before bathing, showering, swimming or exercising. Moisture is silver's arch enemy. Along with sulfur in the air, it causes the copper that is in sterling silver to react; it speeds up tarnish and makes your jewelry look dull and just blah.

  2. Store your jewelry in an airtight container when not being worn. This doesn't have to be fancy! This is one area where I tend to give new life to what is intended to be a single-use plastic container or a plastic zip-top bag. For years, I have used a small plastic container that once had mashed potatoes from a chicken chain in it. A trip through the dishwasher made it good as new, and it's great for traveling or home storage because it doesn't take up much space.

  3. Add a desiccant packet. These days those tiny bean-bag-like packets show up in everything from shoeboxes to electronics and everywhere in between. Don't throw them away! They are the perfect size to add to your airtight container or zip-top baggie with your jewelry. Again, I love the reusable factor of these little guys and it doesn't hurt that they are freebies!

  4. Buff with a soft cloth. From time to time, you can wipe down the surfaces of your silver pieces with a polishing cloth specifically made for silver, like a Sunshine® Polishing Cloth. This will keep the shiny parts shiny while not removing any purposely darkened bits (providing you don't dig into recessed areas).

  5. Remove your jewelry before bed. This one is less about tarnish and more so just a good habit. You probably won't have many worries about wearing a simple silver ring to bed, providing it doesn't have stones. Once you get into necklaces, beaded or chain bracelets or rings with stone settings, you run the risk of things catching on your sheets and bedding, potentially loosening settings or snagging wires—plus, it can be downright uncomfortable! For sweet dreams, leave your jewelry in your mashed potatoes container. :)

Each piece of jewelry from River and Birch comes to you ready for giving, packed with a care card for reference. 

xo, Theresa

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